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Financial parity seems to be a primary issue. Renewing discussion, negotiation and the will to find an agreeable financial solution to keep the current North Shore Library intact is preferable for our citizens rather than having to support two libraries.

Please continue to check this web site for future information and progress. In the meantime, consider calling your community elected officials and discussing the issue, attending village hall and common council meetings and spreading the word about the crisis.

Crisis at the North Shore Library

In August 2020, Glendale City Council voted to withdraw from the 50 year joint Library Agreement (between Glendale, Fox Point, River Hills and Bayside), that they signed in 1985, and build a separate library. They now have 2 1/4 years left on their required 3 year notice.

The North Shore Library cannot sustain itself as it currently operates without the financial support of all 4 communities. The future of the library itself is in jeopardy.

Community library support is determined by population.

Community 2020 Est Pop % Munis. Support 2021 $$$
Bayside 4,290 17.07% $162,681
Fox Point 6,826 27.16% $258,849
Glendale 12,463 49.59% $472,610
River Hills 1,553 6.18% $58,891
TOTAL 25,132 100.00% $953,032

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